Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain Check...

I arrived at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center on Monday afternoon with hopes of jumping right into sliding. However warm weather and rain have been delaying the opening of the track. This has left all of the luge, skeleton, and bobsled athletes anxious for colder weather.

After much delay, we finally got some sleds on the track last night (Thursday). Opening Day had finally arrived! We have a rotation for brakemen that includes recovery/off days. Last night happened to be my off day, so I helped out with the sleds and just tried to soak up as much bobsled knowledge as possible.

Unfortunately it's raining again today and sliding is once again postponed. It has been frustraiting waiting around for days to get on the ice. I just try to remind myself that Gods timing is perfect and that I will get plenty of opportunities throughout the season. So until my time to shine arrives I'll be preparing to push fast by sprinting and lifting.

-Mt. Van Hovenberg Sliding Track at Sunset-

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