Monday, August 13, 2012


The US Luge Team had a fundraiser over the weekend that was a luge start competition for the general public. Since I'm not anything close to a luger I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and enter the race. I figured it would be fun to escape the summer heat and experience the luge start in their ice house. I ended up winning the women's division and posting the 3rd fastest time overall, which means I even beat one of my strength coaches :) Check the video out above!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The 45...

Last weekend I decided to take a break from my training life in Lake Placid and drive down to Pittsburgh for the WFA National Championship Game. I don't think I would have driven that far just to see the first ever Women's Tackle Football National Championship game in a NFL stadium. However, I didn't even have to think twice about driving that far to re-unite with my teammates from the 2010 Women's National Team. 

It was so good to see almost all of the original 45 ladies and coaches that I made history with 2 years ago at the inaugural Women's World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Some of the team at Heinz field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

With Coach Mac (one of my all-time favorite coaches)
on the NFL grass! 

It has been awesome to see at how far women's football has come over the years and the impact that Team USA has had on women's sports. Despite the fact that women's football still has a long way to go, words cant describe how it feels to have been a pioneer in women's football. Coach Mac said that people always ask him about his ring, and being from Wisconsin, they ask if he won the Super Bowl with the Packers. I love his response, "No, it's much bigger than that." 

The national championship game, that we all used as an excuse to reunite, was a great showdown between Chicago and SanDiego. Several of my Team USA teammates and even the head coach of Team USA were all on the Chicago team. However, I couldn't help but to root for SanDiego. There was one member of SanDiego who was also a part of Team USA, but it was all my old teammates from the LosAngeles Amazons (who now play for SanDiego) that I found myself cheering for. So it was awesome to see SanDiego (my old Amazons) win a tight game and finally achieve their dream. 

Kiima and I flashing our bling :) 
Me and Pre :) 
I also haven't seen anyone from Winona State since I graduated in '07. So it was so good to see an old FCA'er and track teammate playing in the championship game for Chicago. It was even more special because I was a big inspiration for her to play football!