Monday, October 22, 2012

The next step...

I've left so many of you in suspense with my recent Facebook status:
"When I look back on every accomplishment God has blessed me with in my life I realize that they all began with one thing - a risky leap of faith. So here we go again..."
All of you know, if I post something like that, there is probably a wild and crazy adventure planned for the near future. Then I added some more suspense when I randomly showed up in Arkansas (when I was supposed to be bobsledding in New York).  So here is my attempt to try and explain the current journey God is leading me on.

I spent the entire summer at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center working hard to get stronger and faster, and I did. In early October we had our team combine testing and National Push Championships and I put up some really good numbers. But there was one problem, so did everyone else.

2012 National Push Championships
I really believe that if I continue down the path of being a bobsled brakeman, that God would put me back on the US National Team this season and allow me to travel around the world bobsledding with my best friends and telling people about Jesus - talk about living the dream! However, its getting harder and harder to make the Olympic Team and I really believe God wants to use me in a new capacity this season that will actually extend my bobsled career.

I'm going to attempt to become a pilot! I've had a desire to become a bobsled pilot since I was in high school and to make a long story short - if I am going to become a pilot - now is the prime time!

So what's the plan? I am currently at my parents house in Arkansas getting some much needed mental recovery. In a couple of days I will head out to Park City, Utah for the winter to learn everything I possibly can about driving. God willing, I will even race as a driver on the Americas Cup tour this season!

So whats so risky about that? First of all, it was very hard to intentionally stop trying to pursue a spot on the National Team for this season. It was hard knowing that I will not be spending the season with my all of my teammates especially Katie Eberling, Elana Meyers, and Megan Hill (who have become so much more than just teammates to me).  Second of all, it's very possible that my attempt to drive could end up disastrous. I am sacrificing something I am decent at (pushing) for the unknown (driving). But that's the beauty of faith:
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." -Hebrews 11:1 
But my faith is not in my unknown ability to drive a bobsled. My faith is not in my athletic abilities. My faith is in Christ.  If I never get to the Olympics, if  my bobsled career ends in a few weeks, one thing is for sure: God has a plan for my life and its bigger than bobsled and it will bring His name glory.

So here we go! I have to give a special shout out to my bobsled bud, Val Smith, who is also taking a risky leap of faith by joining me on this journey as my brakeman!

P.S. - I've always wanted to move to Utah! I love Mormons!

Me and U.S. Track & Field Olympic greats: Tianna Madison, Lolo Jones, and
Hyleas Fountain: trying out for the U.S. Bobsled Team this season.

2011-12 Team Meyers!!
(After Elana and Katie won Bronze at World Championships)
Proud to be their alternate - humled to be their friends! 

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