Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm a driver (kinda)...


Whoohoo! I can drive a bobsled. Well, I can drive a bobsled from the lower/begginer start anyways. This video is of my very first trip coming through the exit of curve 17 onto 18 (the hardest curve on the track). Its a blast. But moving up to a higher/more advanced start will bring more speed, more height, and more danger. So I'm in no hurry to move up, yet.

If you drive in driving school, that means that you also have to break for another new driver. Simply saying that these sleds are uncomfortable does not give the pain you experience justice. It is horrible riding in the back of these old begginer sleds. I hit my hip so hard that I couldnt even get out of the sled or walk for a little bit. Now my hip is swollen and it is the biggest of my many bruises. Sorry for showing so much leg...

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